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MacMall puts all of your IT purchases and needs all in one place. Communicate with your Account Executive, track all of your assets,customize user access and features, request quotes, and access special pricing, all for FREE.

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Efficiency, Flexibility, and Convenience at your fingertips.

MacMall can save you time and money with a range of free services we provide to our qualified business customers. These services are just a mouse-click away on a customized, secured site called Business Direct.


Contact your Account Executive quickly and easily.

A Dedicated Account Executive will be your primary contact to support you in all your requests. You can reach your Dedicated Account Executive via email or phone.


Customize who can access the site.

Automate your purchasing approval process. You decide which members of your staff will have access and set their levels of permission to view prices and place orders.


Request and receive price quotes with the touch of a button.

If you are making a volume purchase you won't even need to call your account executive, you can just create a cart and send it to your MacMall Account Executive as a Request for Quote right inside your BD site.


Special pricing based on your needs.

Your Business Direct site reflects your organization's pricing structure, including Volume Pricing Agreements and special pricing programs through manufacturers. With this benefit, your organization can obtain the most competitive prices on all of your orders.


Easy access to order reports and statuses.

Effectively manage your purchases with our order status and customizable history reporting tools. We give you extensive order status with the ability to search by order number, asset tag, serial number and more.


Top of the line security.

We employ the latest Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology in all areas where your personal information is required. For your protection, MacMall.com is certified by Verisign. In addition, more security is provided to customers through password-protected accounts.


Allow your employees to take advantage of your special pricing.

Our Employee Purchase Programs (EPPs) allow you to offer your employees the same corporate pricing and discounts you receive from MacMall's entire assortment of PC and Mac hardware, including desktops, notebooks, printers, displays, and a complete line of software titles.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Learn more about how Business Direct can help your business grow.


What is a Business Direct site?

Business Direct is a customized, secure, extranet site for your company that is specifically designed to make your IT procurement a breeze.

What are the benefits of having a Business Direct site?

One of the biggest benefits is having all of your IT purchases in one place but beyond that you will have easy access to your Account, the ability to customize access to the Business Direct site, request and receive price quotes at the touch of a button, special pricing, easy access to order reports and tracking, top of the line security, and the ability to allow your employees to take advantage of your special pricing.

How can I get started with a Business Direct site?

Click on the “Register Now” button and fill out the form. A MacMall Account Executive will be in contact with you within the next business day. Depending on the size of your business and your business requirements, the Account Executive will work with you to set up your Business Direct site that will best meet your needs.

What is the difference between a Requisition, Request For Quote, and Quote?

These are really all just different stages of purchasing on the Business Direct (BD) site. A Requisition is a shopping cart that a user on the BD site creates that they want or need to assign to another user on the BD site for approval before purchase. Once the approving user receives the Requisition they can turn it into an order. A Request For Quote (RFQ) is a shopping cart you have submitted to your Account Executive for suggested additional items and upgrades, better pricing on large orders, and price matching with competitors. Once the Account Executive has replied to you, you can then reject it or checkout on the site. A Quote is a shopping cart that your Account Executive has created with suggested items for purchase, special limited time pricing, or items you requested via the phone. Once you receive the Quote you can either reject it or checkout directly on the Business Direct site using a line of credit (if you have one set up with us) or a credit card.

What are my payment options on the Business Direct site?

On the Business Direct site you can use a credit card or you can set up a credit limit and terms with MacMall. Please contact your Account Executive for more details on setting up an Open Account on your Business Direct Site.

What is an EPP?

EPP stands for Employee Purchase Program. Using the Business Direct site we are able to offer our full assortment of PC and Mac Hardware, including desktops, notebooks, printers, displays and complete assortment of software titles to all employees of our corporate customers at discounted pricing. If you haven't had a chance to find out about the advantages of the MacMall Employee Purchase Program yet, contact your Account Executive today or if you don’t have one please fill out the Register Now form above.
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